International Programs

The College has a strong international focus.

Over the years it has enrolled students from many different countries, including China, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Korea, Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

The students can complete an Intensive English Course at the Woodcroft Intensive School of English (WISE) before joining mainstream classes. English as an Additional Language (EAL) is available as a mainstream subject.

Homestay accommodation with local families gives students the chance to live in Australia in a happy, secure environment. International students enrich our community.

Students from many countries bring energy and diversity and enhance our global perspective on education, culture and contemporary issues.

International School Fees

Registration and Enrolment

To download our International Registration of Interest, please click on the required version:

The aim of the Program is to:
  • increase cultural awareness and understanding of local students;
  • enable the Woodcroft College students to experience the global community in their everyday lives;
  • broaden the cultural mix of the student body; and
  • provide opportunities for the Woodcroft students to participate in the global community.

Chinese Simplified 中文

Chinese Traditional  中文

Vietnamese Tiếng Việt

International Agents

International Agents International Agents (161 KB)

Cultural Tours

Italian, German and Japanese Exchange Programs operate throughout the year. These provide students with the opportunity to make lasting friendships.

Study Abroad

Woodcroft College offers short-term educational experiences to Adelaide, South Australia. These are ideal for students who are learning English, who are adventurous, courageous and want to be successful in their education.

Study Abroad in South Australia Study Abroad in South Australia (2562 KB)

The Education Services for Overseas Students Act

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