College Captains Welcome

Welcome to Woodcroft College.

Woodcroft College has developed a reputation for its vibrant and welcoming culture.

Students and staff members alike contribute to a community where personal and academic success are valued.

The diverse range of student interests and skills is catered for through extensive extra-curricular opportunities as well as the broad academic program.

The learning environment is supportive, innovative and well-rounded.

Students have the chance to explore different areas ranging from music and sports to international exchange opportunities.

From the Adelaide Hills to the Victorian Grampians, our school camps challenge us to step out-side our comfort zone and mature as well-rounded individuals.

Being a student at Woodcroft College is an enriching experience that prepares us for the rigours of life beyond school.

Our teachers are there to assist us in our pursuits, and we encourage one another to achieve our goals.

" There are so many opportunities here and with the support of passionate teachers, everyone can shine."

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