Staff Professional Learning Community Expo

Posted : 26-Nov-2018

At Woodcroft College we believe that learning is a journey for life. The mindset of a life-long learner is an attribute we value highly for both students and staff. On Monday 26 November we held our Professional Learning Community (PLC) Expo. All teaching staff belong to a team with members from a range of faculties and year levels across the College. While we regularly meet in subject faculties (what we teach) and year levels (who we teach), in our PLCs, the focus is on pedagogy (how we teach).

This year the PLCs have been working on promoting Visible Thinking in our classrooms using routines developed by Ron Ritchart and the Project Zero team at Harvard University. A group of staff have attended workshops with Ron for the past three years, exploring the research he and his team have been undertaking since 2001 on how to cultivate thinking dispositions in school settings. This research has informed the development of a range of routines, which help students to develop different ways of thinking and to share their thinking in class.

The culmination of a year of exploring how learning is a consequence of thinking, was showcased at yesterday’s expo, where staff were able to share their experiences and recommendations with their colleagues. This afternoon of sharing, will help to inform future teaching and learning at the College and celebrates the collaborative and creative ways staff have been working to improve learning outcomes for our students.