Managing Netball, Softball, Baseball and Football commitments

Thursday, April 02, 2020

My name is Jorja Hooper and I play netball, softball, baseball and football at a state level. In the last year I have been privileged enough to be a part of some amazing teams. Last July was fairly busy for me, firstly I went away for the Under 15 Australian Softball. This tournament was held in Redlands, Queensland and consisted of a two day training camp and then a five day tournament. This opportunity allowed me to make new friendships and play in a high level in my sport. A week after returning from this tournament I went away for State 15 and under netball. This again was an amazing experience, we went through the whole competition undefeated. Unfortunately at this time the state 16 and under football team went away, I made the squad for this but had to pull out due to my netball commitments. In January I went away to Waverly, Melbourne for under 16 state softball, personally I didn’t have the best tournament but the experience that I gained from this was still quite valuable and I ended up making reserves for the Australian team. This year I have also taken up baseball making the state team in about the middle of February, we were supposed to go away this Easter, however, the tournament has been postponed. At the moment I am also in the Port Adelaide Next Generation Academy, which has also been postponed.

Playing all of these sports means that I am quite busy. At my busiest I am training or playing seven times a week, generally for an hour and a half to three hours. On the weekends, however, I am playing sport for most of the day, for example, softball I am down there from anywhere between seven and twelve hours on a Saturday. For each sport I play a specific position. Softball I am a pitcher and a first base and occasionally play outfield. Being a pitcher requires me to do extra training on top of what the rest of the team does, so on top of fielding and batting I will also be doing pitching specific training. Football I play ruck or full forward but if I get the opportunity I like halfback. Baseball I play first, third or outfield and in netball I play defence, generally goal defence but sometimes goalkeeper.

In the short term future I am looking to make the 17 and under state softball team, the state 16 football team and preforming well at the state baseball tournament. In the long term I would like to work hard and re-enter the Australian Softball team for my age group and in 2022 go away to the world series. I would also like to make the state 17 netball team and after this make the state 19 netball team. Football I would like to make the under 18 state football team. At the moment there isn’t much going forward for baseball but if the pathway arises I would like to explore it.

Jorja Hooper 
Year 11